LED Guard Light

 ND40 ND50 ND60 ND70 ND80 ND90
 30N 45N 54N 60N
LED Guard Light
ND type ND_Verticalty ND_Horizontality N type

When the conventional street lamp of 100W~175W is replaced by Techwon’s POWER LED Street lamp of 30W~120W, the Luminance is similar or higher and the energy saving effectiveness is around 50~70%. (for example: Power LED Lamp of 60W is equivalent to the conventional lamp of 150W)

Power ND40 /ND50 /ND60 /ND70 /ND80 /ND90
/30N /45N /54N /60N
Real Effciency Over 76lm/W
CRI Over 70 Ra
Color Temperature 5,000~7,000K
Lifetime(hrs) 50,000~70,000
Illuminance 68lx(based on 45W)
Dimension W:435(Ø) D:239(H)
Material ABS, PMMA, Aluminum die-casting

  * The result of data might be different depend on each manufacturer.